Winter Eye Health

The winter weather can be particularly harsh on our eyes, from the discomfort of dry eye to the damaging reflection of the winter sun, check out our top tips for ensuring your prepared to look after your eyes this winter season.

Dry Eyes

If your unfortunate to experience dry eye, which commonly causes itchiness or scratchiness as well as blurred vision there are precautions you can take.  Dry eye occurs when your eyes can’t produce enough tears to the tears you produce evaporate too quickly or don’t spread evenly across the front of your eye. Although the condition is not usually serious, in some cases where severe dry eye has been left untreated this has led to scarring of the eye’s surface.

How to reduce discomfort of dry eye

  • to keep your eyes moist there are a variety of wetting drops available – these are designed to lubricate your eyes.
  • if you wear contact lenses a change in weather can often make your eyes feel dry – to combat this use suitable wetting drops. More importantly if you have worn the same lenses for several years, it’s advised to check with your local optician to see if there are any improvements to lenses available that may help.
  • lower the temperatures in rooms – higher temps make tears evaporate more quickly
  • if your working on a screen in a dry environment blinking more can help. Many find that their dry eye worsens when reading or using a computer.
  • Use a humidifier at work and home if possible as they will help to moisten the surrounding air.

If you have any queries about your eye health then pop in store today or contact us to book your eye appointment.