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Eye Tests

Here at Marian Gray Opticians we give you 40 minutes with our resident senior Optometrist. We don’t like to rush you like other places where you are treated like a number and in some cases rushed through. We want you to have the confidence knowing you will have someone experienced to look after your sight.

Having the luxury of spending 40 minutes with you means we can get to know all your wants and needs and we are able to tailor our solutions to your problems. Also part of the sight test involves a complimentary digital imaging of your eyes to all adult patients as standard. This is normally chargeable at other places.

So we take our time to look after YOUR needs and make sure they are met and all this is performed by an Optometrist who has over 10 years experience. We won’t settle until YOU are satisfied and we are confident you won’t find better eyecare anywhere else.

Marian Gray Eye Examination Equipment

Our Fees

Service Fee
Private Eye Examination £35.00
Child Eye Test FREE
Contact Lens Consultation £50.00
Contact Lens Aftercare £35.00

Our Eye Tests

  • Glaucoma Test

  • Visual Field Examination

  • Binocular Vision

  • Colour Vision

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